Kaeli Smith Statement on COVID-19

To our Kaeli Smith family,

When I started this company as a college student, I knew that there would be challenges ahead, including long hours, lost sleep and economic ups and downs. What I didn’t anticipate was how deeply I would come to care for my customers, whether they be those who have shopped from our online store or the boutique, specialty store, golf club and resort customers—many of them small businesses, too—who I have had the honor of working and growing alongside.

These past few days, as I’ve watched the ever-evolving news stories about the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve become even more acutely aware of the many ways this situation is touching the people I care about: family, friends, neighbors, employees and customers are all coping with unique stresses as we navigate this new reality.

In the midst of these uncertainties, I’m also aware of countless acts of kindness and sacrifice that seem to pop up spontaneously. Whether it’s a phone call to an old friend, running an errand for an elderly neighbor or a business owner reassuring employees that their jobs are not in jeopardy, Americans are pulling together to support their communities, just as we always have in times of national crisis. Nothing about this surprises me; it’s who we are. Like you,

I will continue to follow the unfolding story and take the precautions outlined by the healthcare experts including social distancing and accommodating work-from-home arrangements.

I know that this challenge, though serious, is temporary. I also know that even when the physical threat has passed, work will be needed to revive our nation’s confidence. You can do your part by practicing extra kindness, supporting your local small businesses and continuing to nurture connections with family, friends and neighbors. Together, we will emerge stronger, healthier and more prosperous.

Be well,

Kaeli Smith, founder

PS. There’s much we can do now to help support our local small businesses. Many of our retail partners will happily ship purchases directly to you, so if you are apprehensive about visiting a store in person, please contact us at service@kaelismith.com so that we can connect you with retailers in your area.