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Thoughts on Hurricane Irma

Posted on 10 September 2017

Like most of the country, we've been closely watching the progress of Hurricane Irma. The devastation this storm is leaving in its wake is heart wrenching and our thoughts are constantly with those who are now facing the overwhelming task of rebuilding -- and those who are awaiting the arrival of the storm in their own communities. 

The areas affected by Irma have a special significance to us. The resort towns of Florida (and the Caribbean Islands, too) have been some of the earliest supporters of the Kaeli Smith brand and they continue to be loyal and enthusiastic fans. And the unique and often breathtaking vistas, colors and attitudes of these places and their residents have often inspired the prints and the colors of our collections--something that's certain to continue once the storm passes. 

Now we're taking new inspiration from the stories of people in the path of the storm. People helping their neighbors with storm preparation. People sharing their precious supplies with others, or sharing their time and talents to ease the anxiety of strangers. As is always the case, the worst that Mother Nature can conjure is no match for the best of the human spirit. 

The days and weeks ahead will present new challenges to the victims of Irma. We hope that you'll be inspired to play a part in the rebuilding efforts by choosing a charity you trust and making a contribution. Charity Navigator is an excellent online tool that can help you research and evaluate organizations that are accepting Hurricane Irma contributions. Please visit them here.

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